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13 Reasons Why: Why and Why Not

I recently finished watching the new series of Netflix about a teenage girl named Hannah Baker (portrayed by Katherine Langford), who committed suicide, thus leaving a series of cassette tapes confessing her reasons as to why she decided to end everything. This story escalated quickly on the internet like a forest fire and became a hot topic since the story revolves around social issues on a teenager’s life. I decided to write my thoughts about it since I find it disturbing and I am quite affected somehow. So before I start, I want everything to be clear that all the things I am about to say are purely based on my thoughts about the series. You can leave comments and express yours too, but please be respectful as we are all entitled to our own opinion.
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Why watch? As I have said, the series tackled some of the most controversial social issues experienced by teenagers, a must watch for parents. It will remind parents how important it is to get involved with their children’s life, that they should be carefully studied how to deal with their children, especially during teenage years as this is the point where we are at our most fragile, sensitive and emotional state. Parents must discover the best way to reach out to their children, on how they can establish an open relationship with them. How important trusting your children are without making them feel embarrassed. It is normal for parents to be objectively reasonable and overprotective, but it is their responsibility also to make sure that their children understand. Assuring your children that they are and will never be alone is a good way to start.

The series can also provide healing to those who suffer similar issues featured on it as it exposes the root cause and possible redemption that could have saved Hannah. It opens the viewer’s senses about the reality that we are all social monsters, how we loved creating connections even through the most insane way. About how technology (yes, not just social media platforms, but the advancement of technology in general) turns us to be the biggest monster from the once we were.

It greatly showcased some of society’s most sensitive topics that serve as an eye opener.
The loud demon: bullying. How it can affect one’s life and the many forms of it, from the simple epithet that has an impact psychologically up to the point of physical abuse.
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The issue of a greater evil: rape. How that greater evil dwells with the prey. It shows how afraid the preys are, to admit and confess how they’ve been molested knowing that the public will never forget, affecting their social status until their very last breath. 
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The beast that feeds on loneliness: suicide. The series was very realistic on everything. Truly, it is something that could happen to anyone. It raises awareness and knowledge about the common reasons of throwing the future and deciding to end own life, an issue of which the society until today was not very much keen to. 
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It teaches us the lesson of how important it is to make friends and to be cautious on choosing whom to trust. Clearly, we cannot please everybody and the ones we treated as friend could not be feeling the same way. In fact, the one we trust could hurt and break us the most. At the end of the day, it was you, only you can help yourself in this world full of theatre actors and actresses.  

Lastly, it was a nice viewing experience. The story was well written and played that it feels natural and realistic; compelling and dramatic. The cast portrayed well that you will be able to cope up with every character. The mystery, being the main ingredient, keeps the viewers from tuning in.

Why not?

Why you shouldn’t watch. The series was rated RP18, and is clearly not for everybody. Those who are 18 years young should watch with the guidance of their parents since the series was quite disturbing with scenes of gore, rape, violence and suicide.

The series is for strong willed individuals. Instead of healing, it could trigger those who suffer from loneliness, those who already thought of ending their own lives, in general, those who are not psychologically and emotionally stable. There are scenes that surely for some will be unbearable and just too much. So if you have thoughts of suicide and inflicting self-injury, I encourage you not to watch.

The series might also give the false idea of taking own life as an effective way of returning the favor to those who hurt you. It also lacks religious faith.

The series didn’t cut the most disturbing scene; they showed how Hannah committed suicide. It was a scene of inflicting self-injury until she bleed to death.

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So if these made you feel excited and decided to watch it, just enjoy and remember not to take it seriously. Life is too sacred to end on your own. Remember that to live is a privilege. There’s more to life and never lose hope, we never know what the future hold. Be strong and always think about the good, the secret lies on how we perceived. Most of all, when everybody tries to pull you down, when you feel nothing’s left in you, remember, GOD is and will always be there.
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