About Me

September 07, 2017 Mon Laguatan 0 Comments

Oh hello there (Deadpool tone), I am Mon Laguatan, Computer Engineering graduate and currently working in the field of Information Technology. Outside the office, I am a freelance IT Technician, a traveler (I find solace with nature), a neutral cat and dog person, a dreamer, a believer, and a son of God.

There are lots of things that I want to do, I wish I could do.
I'm not perfect. I have many flaws that I, myself hate so much to admit. I'm not saying this because I'm proud, but because I have little regrets and I'm still good at living my life. I am happy with what I have but that doesn't stop me from striving to reach greater heights.
I want to have a meaningful life. And someday, I wish to be the light for someone. I may be annoying, jerk sometimes, and a total asshole to some because I am easily misunderstood, but I believe that I don't need to explain myself and I won't bother explaining myself for what I do and what I prefer.
I have a strong faith in God and I have a strong hope for humanity.